Digital manual: Soutache – one step beyond


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Digital manual: “Soutache – one step beyond
Double-sided and spatial forms: 30 advanced exercises”

author: Alina Tyro-Niezgoda
Pdf file contains 142 pages, drawings and color photos to exercise.


Ways to get rid of the underside
The basic principles of creating 3D forms
Technical details regarding creating 3D forms
A detailed description of how to make an oblong 3D element (ellipsoid)
A few tips on using the exercise descriptions
The author

1. Double-sided designs
1.1. Simple double-sided earrings
1.2. Symmetrical double-sided designs: blue leaves earrings
1.3. Asymmetrical double-sided designs: an orange pendant

2. Solids with planar Aides
2.1. A black and light green cube
2.2. A beige dodecahedron
2.3. Blue pyramids
2.4. A green and orange casket (prism)

3. Open accordion designs
3.1. Fanciful circles
3.2. Spatial spirals
3.3. Simple flowers: asters
3.4. Cones
3.5. Cylinders and hyperboloids
3.6. A narcissus
3.7. Triple flowers
3.8. Interlace

4. Closed accordion designs
4.1. An ellipsoid
4.2. A sea anemone
4.3. A doughnut (torus)
4.4. A doughnut-like bangle
4.5. A plum
4.6. A strawberry

5. Spherical designs
5.1. A cylinder
5.2. A “fuzzy” sphere
5.3. A UFO sphere
5.4. A true sphere

6. Designs made with the long cord  method
6.1. A shell

7. Complex spatial designs
7.1. A squid
7.2. A column
7.3. A stingray
7.4. A rose
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